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Delta Roofing’s Auckland roof repairs team has a wealth of experience repairing almost all New Zealand roof types and roofing materials.

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We’re a 100% Kiwi-owned roofing company offering reliable roof repairs in New Zealand.

One of the core aspects of our business is repairing leaking roofs for property management and facility maintenance companies in the greater Auckland region and across NZ. At Delta Roofing, we provide efficient and reliable roofing repair services with transparent pricing and on-target delivery times.

If you have a leaky roof or you require roof restoration or a roof replacement, then Delta Roofing should be your #1 call – our efficient, reliable roofers provide roof repairs across NZ.

freshly painted concrete tile roof

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Common Types Of Roof Repairs In NZ

Different styles of roofing and roof materials have their own common faults and leak points. Tile roofing cracks under pressure, membrane roofs often develop gaps in the seams, long-run roofs get rusty flashings and metal tile roofs tend to dent quite easily. Delta Roofing provides repairs and roof maintenance that is high quality and professional. For roof repairs in New Zealand, get in touch with our friendly team today for a fantastic job!

Metal Roof Repairs

colorsteel roof replacement

Metal roofs can develop rust if theyre  not carefully maintained. Generally, places like valley flashings are the first to show signs of rust.

Tile Roof Repairs

concrete tile roof repair in Auckland
If untrained people or wayward footballs end up on tile roofs, they generally end up cracking or breaking tiles which causes leaks.

Membrane Roof Repairs

membbrane roof repair
Over time the glue that seals the joins in a membrane roof can deteriorate and the joins may peel apart leaving the plywood substrate exposed to the elements.

When it comes to roof repair specialists in Auckland, call Delta Roofing today!

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Common Types Of Tile Roof Repairs In New Zealand

Concrete & Clay tile roofs are a very sturdy and long lasting material to build a roof out of. If properly maintained they can easily last upwards of 50+ years without needing any major renovation work done. Below are some common faults and areas of concern with tile roofs. 

Bedding & Pointing

bedding and pointing on a concrete tile roof
Over the years, the concrete bedding and flexible pointing on the ridge and hip caps on a tile roof can deteriorate and need replacing.

Cracked Tile Replacement

concrete tile roof repair in Auckland
Cracked, outdated roof tiles can cause problems for years to come so it pays to take care of them before the damage is done.

Valley Replacements

valley repair on a tile roof in auckland
Valleys on a tile roof take almost the full amount of water runoff from the roof so if they become damaged or rusty it presents a large problem.

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Common Types Of Metal Roof Repairs In New Zealand

If a long metal roof (Coloursteel) is not properly maintained and regularly inspected it can start to form rust, screws can come loose or the flashings can become dislodged by high winds.

Flashing Replacement

Due to either faulty installation or high winds, flashings can become displaced which allows water to get into the roof cavity. At Delta Roofing, we’ll endeavour to either fix or replace the flashings.

Rust Removal From Roof

rusty garage roof in auckland
If a metal roof is poorly maintained or made from cheaper/thinner steel they tend to start to rust away and leak. Our expert team can manage the leak by repairing or replacing the affected area.

Emergency Leak Repairs

emergency leak repair on a metal roof in auckland

Sometimes accidents happen. At Delta Roofing, we offer a 12-hour turnaround for most emergency Auckland roof repairs!

Frequently Asked Questions​

Depending on your policy terms, minor to significant repairs can be made with the help of your insurer. If damage has been caused by forceful weather like strong winds or hail storms, that may also be claimable. A little research now could save you a lot of hassle down the road!
Start by assessing where the water is coming from so you know what part of the roof needs attention. It might even be beneficial to get up on a ladder to visually inspect the roof if possible. Once you’ve located the spot that appears to be leaking, make sure it’s clean and dry before applying a waterproof patch or sealant specifically designed for roofs. Make sure to place it on both sides of the affected area, inside and out, for proper coverage and protection from future leaks. For a professional roof leak repair in Auckland, we’re on the job!

When it comes to roof leak detection, one of the main indicators is water damage. This can be spotted through discolourations that may appear and moisture present around an area. If you see dark splotches, this is usually from mould which results due to a roof leak. Another thing to look out for when it comes to roof leak detection is broken shingles. Cracking or holes in the present shingles would allow water to seep in and cause far more damage when not addressed right away. Looking for roof repair specialists in Auckland? Contact Delta Roofing today!

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