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Delta Roof Painting works alongside property managers, facility maintenance partners & residential + commercial clients to ensure their roofs are in pristine condition all year round. We provide free quotes on all of our work and up to 15 years warranty on some of our materials!

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When it comes to roof painting in NZ, Delta Roofing provides high-quality roof restoration and roof painting services to NZ at competitive prices. Our roof maintenance services come highly recommended by our previous clients, and we pride ourselves on our expert workmanship.

Roof Cleaning

After extended exposure to the harsh NZ climate the surface of your roof may get a layer of grime, dirt and mould build up on it. We can clean the contaminant off and leave your roof nice and clean!

Moss & Lichen Treatments

Moss & Lichen can form and build up on your roof causing it to become damaged and brittle. We use a Safe, tested product to remove moss & Lichen from roofs around NZ. 

Roof Painting

metal roof painting

If your roof is starting to fade, show signs of rust or you just want it updated then our Roof Painting Services are what you need! We work with Longrun (colorsteel), concrete, Metal Tile and Membrane Roofs. 

Guttering & Spouting

damaged spouting

Gutter Cleaning, Repairs & Replacements Are All Part Of A Healthy Roof. We Can Schedule Regular Cleaning Visits So You Can Sign Up And Forget About It! We Work With All Guttering Types (Membrane, Steel & PVC)

Roof Repairs Before Painting

Broken tiles? Rust treatment? Delta Roofing can make any repairs that are needed to the roof before cleaning it. When it comes to roofing materials, we apply 1 x primer coat and 2 x top coats of our roof paint. This will stop any leaks and have your roof looking almost brand new again!

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We Paint Almost All Types Of Roofs!

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Metal Roof Painting

Colorsteel roofs without the proper maintenance and with prolonged exposure to the harsh NZ climate can start to fade or rust without the right maintenance.

Concrete Tile Roof Replacement

Concrete Tile Roofs Can Build Up A Fair Amount Of Moss & Lichen And Tend To Fade In The Harsh NZ Sun.

Metal Tile Roof Replacement

Metal Tile Roofs can be incredible fragile. They are prone to denting which can lead to leakages and rusting in the pans.

Membrane Roof Replacement

Over the years membrane roofs can loose the glue in the joints which cause it to flap up or nails can start poking through.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

Delta Roof can help remove your old asbestos roof and replace it with a brand new, asbestos free Roof!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is Roof Painting Worth It?

It’s definitely worth considering if you want to give your house an updated aesthetic and keep it looking good for years to come. Not only will painting a roof help keep moisture out and prevent rusting, but it can also insulate and save money on energy costs. Specialised paint can also help lower temperatures during hot summer months so you stay cool inside without having to turn up the air conditioning. All in all, painting a roof is a worthwhile project that has many benefits beyond just adding some style. For reliable roof painters in New Zealand, get in touch with us today!


Can I Paint My Roof Myself?

Painting your own roof can be a great way to save some money and personalise your home, but it is important to consider the challenges that come with this kind of DIY project. In New Zealand, it is important to make sure you check the regulations around painting roofs before commencing any work. Curious about the roof painting cost in NZ? Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

What kind of paint do you use on a roof?

When it comes to painting a roof, the kind of paint you use is important. Specialty roof paints are formulated to provide protection from the elements and are designed to last longer than regular paint. These paints can also come with some extra benefits such as acting as insulators in order to keep your house cooler in summer or warmer in winter. Be sure to pick up a paint that is specifically made for roofs and make sure you follow the instructions given on the label. It’s always a good idea to consult professional roofing contractors before taking on major DIY roofing projects! Roof maintenance requires professional advice from trained professionals. Looking for guaranteed workmanship in a timely manner? Contact our roof painters in Auckland today!

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