There’s a few smarter things you need to do when moving home.

The first thing to do is book yourself a professional and reputable moving company using Wise Move. Why? Because all you need to do is fill in your home moving request just once and you’ll receive quotes from a network of moving companies and independent movers that compete for your home moving job — giving you the best quote options and keeping your home moving costs down.

The next smart thing to do is to make sure checking your roof is at the top of your home inspection to do list.  Buying a new home is exciting but don’t forget to inspect things like the roof in case it needs repairs and maintenance.  It’s nice to be on top of things (no pun intended) before they become a big issue.

1. What To Look Out For

Take a good look at the state of the roof whether it’s stainless steel or tile roof.   You’ll want everything to be secure before the big move so check for cracked tiles and other potential issues. You can spot issues with a roof inside the house as well with water stains that may have developed. How do the gutters and drain pipes look to you? You would like to think the prior owners of your new dwelling would have maintained the roof, the spouting and drainage system but that’s not always the case.  If you spot an issue, get it fixed quick smart.

2. How Does The Chimney Stack Up?

If you’ve got an open fire then check your chimney to make sure it is structurally sound and safe. It’s always a good rule of thumb pre purchase and as ongoing maintenance that you are always checking the chimney, the roof and gutters etc so you can keep on top of ongoing repairs. It also makes good sense to put aside some money year on year to stay on top of your roof maintenance because one day you might want to sell up and this way you’re not faced with a huge blow out when that day comes.

3. Look In The Loft

If you can get up into your loft or attic area get up and take a look around to look for any tell tale roof leaks and drips.  Be careful though as you need to make sure the space is safe enough for you to get up there first.

4. Book A Roof Inspection

Rather than put yourself through the stress and time it takes to inspect your roof for a roof WOF; call in a roof inspector who not only does the job for you but does it properly, safely and professionally.  With an experienced, professional roofer doing it for you you can at least have peace of mind it’s being done right.

Contact us at JP Franklin Roofing on 0800 456888 or for professional advice and/or a competitive quote for all your Roof Replacement issues. We provide the best roofing solution at an affordable budget.

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