Concrete tile is a civil construction material that is continuously providing possibilities and boosting the value of its market sector. Ideal for residential projects, such as concrete roofing, the material has grown in popularity over the years, owing to the several advantages it provides, such as finishing, practicality, and more. Concrete tiles’ water absorption is one of the primary added features, and it is what is revolutionising architectural projects when compared to ceramic tiles. This article will explain all of the major benefits, quirks, and other aspects of this construction material.

What are Concrete Roof Tiles?

Concrete tile is a building material that protects your roof by covering it with a layer of concrete. It functions similarly to ordinary ceramic tiles. The primary distinction is seen in the provenance of the basic material: concrete. Concrete tiles were previously a labour-intensive procedure that involved mixing concrete and placing it into metal or wooden frames to harden. Concrete roofing tiles are now manufactured in a factory using a sand, Portland cement, and water mixture that is pressed under high pressure and heat. The exposed surface is given a completed look by applying a paint-like compound on it. Concrete roof tiles are non-toxic and wind- and fire-resistant, they help to reduce external noise and contribute to a safe home. Because concrete tiles reflect sunlight, homeowners in hot, sunny locations report cheaper cooling expenditures. Concrete roof tiles also serve to insulate the property from freezing temperatures in cold areas, lowering heating costs. Professional installation, moisture-resistant measures, and a properly strengthened roof structure system are all required for a concrete tile roof. Concrete tile roofs also require extensive care owing to water and impact damage, colour fading, and the necessity to repair the underlayment on a regular basis.

The most important characteristics of a concrete roof to be aware of

The roof is the most crucial component when constructing a home. Without a roof, a house is incomplete. There are a few things to think about when planning or renovating a roof. The following are some of the factors why concrete tiles are the finest option for roofing:

  1. Durability – When it comes to building a roof, concrete tiles have been shown to be the greatest option. When properly placed, they can provide protection from severe rains, high winds, and other inclement weather.
  2. Cost-Effective – Concrete tile roofing is a simple fabrication procedure that is also very cost-effective. Customers profit from the material and installation costs, as well as the longevity, and it is also simple on their wallets.
  3. Life Span – An average concrete tile roof has a lifespan of 50 to 70 years, making it a very cost-effective material in the long run steel. Concrete tiles are nearly impervious to deterioration, so homeowners don’t have to worry about rotting, decomposition, or insects.
  4. Installation – One of the most significant costs when remodelling or building a roof is labour. Processes that are simple and quick to install save labour costs and provide exceptional value for money for clients.
  5. Requires Low Maintenance – Concrete roof tiles require very little, if any, upkeep. It’s simple and quick to repair a cracked or damaged tile, which saves money on labour. Customers eventually profit since it is cost-effective.

How long does a concrete tile roof last on average?

A concrete tile roof can last anywhere from 35 to 50 years. Although the tile has a 50-year or longer life expectancy, it is primarily used to protect the asphalt-based roofing layer beneath it, which is commonly 30-pound felt or mineral surfaced roll roofing that is fastened to the roof sheathing and down-lapped. A thicker felt is sometimes utilised. The underlayment roof material, battens used to hold the tile in place, and fasteners that link the tiles to the battens all have a life expectancy of around 40 years. The tile roof surface is water-resistant, but not water-tight, and is susceptible to small wind-driven rain penetration; however, the roof layer protects against leakage.

Concrete Tile Roof Construction by JP Franklin Roofing

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