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24Hour Callout

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Leak Repairs / Emergency Roof Repairs

JP Franklin Roofing Provides Reliable & Efficient Roof Leak Repairs To The Greater Auckland Area. We Have Specialists For ALL Types Of Roofs And We Take Great Pride In Our Leak Detection/Roof Repair Services. We have a minimum charge call out fee for emergency leak repairs of $380 + GST which covers sending a fully equipped roof maintenance technician out to site where they will make minor repairs onsite & we will quote you for any larger repairs passed that!

Metal Tile Roof Repairs

Metal tile roofs or Decramastic Tile Roofs can be particularly hard to repair for an inexperienced roofer due to the extremely fragile nature of both the tiles themselves as well as the easily breakable, douglas fir batterns.

JP Franklin is often reached out to by insurance agencies & homeowners after another company has been on the roof and has ended up doing more damage to the roof than they were there to fix in the first place!

We can seal the roof (as in picture) with membrane roofing tape to immediately fix the leaks, pop out dents in the tiles, replace individual tiles and replace flashings in order to make sure your roof is leak free!

Metal Roof Repairs

We provide a comprehensive roofing repair, servicing and installation service to clients throughout the greater Auckland region.

Our roofing repair & maintenance services include:

  • Repair & Replacement of metal sheets
  • Repair and replacement of flashings (We can custom make flashings to fix your leak!)
  • Clean, Spray for moss and lichen, & Paint your roof
  • Detect of leaks and holes & More!

Guttering & Spouting Repairs

If your spouting or guttering has become damaged, is over flowing or just doesn’t seem to be working correctly then our Gutter Repair services might come in very handy!

With over 20 years of experience in guttering services in Auckland JP Franklin Roofing can –

  • Make any repairs to your guttering (repairing sections, correcting flow, replacing brackets)
  • Clean your guttering
  • Replace any damaged or aged gutter sections

Concrete Tile Roof Repairs

JP Franklin Roofing has a team of experienced concrete tile roofers who can make repairs to your roof in no time!

Concrete Tile Roof Repairs Include –

  • Repair & Replacement of tiles
  • Repointing of the ridge & hip tiles
  • Clean, Spray for moss and lichen, & Paint your roof

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Every day your roof is exposed to the elements as it protects your property. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your roof and save you time and money further down the line.

We recommend you get your roof inspected regularly (every three years for Asphalt Shingle and up to five years for tile roofs), preferably in late summer or autumn to ensure you are protected for winter.

Planning ahead is always the best option. Get your roof looked at during the calm not the storm!

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