What is Roof Restoration and what does it entail?

A roof restoration is a procedure that restores your home’s roof to its former glory or a far better state than it was before, protecting it from the elements such as wind, rain, snow, and heat. A roof restoration entails much more than simply repainting your roof. To begin, all damaged tiles are replaced, and any debris in the gutters is removed. After that, a high-pressure cleaner with a pressure of 2000-3000 PSI is used to clean the roof. If necessary, your valley will be reclipped and the vall cuts will be fixed. Depending on its condition, your ridge capping will need to be totally re-bedded or re-bedded where necessary. After that, the roof will be repointed using flexible repointing and weep holes will be put to prevent water from collecting in the ridges. Depending on the quality of your roof paint and pointing, a roof repair should be done every 10-15 years. Maintenance is highly suggested every 10-15 years since bare tiles will begin to break down after many years without a covering. If unaddressed, ridge capping difficulties will lead to leaks. A roof restoration entails more than just replacing a broken tile. Your roof protects your entire property and must be maintained and prepared for any eventuality, such as storms, force damage, and even infestations of critters that should not be there.

What Is the Purpose of Painting My Roof?

Roof painting is exactly what it sounds like: painting your roof. Many licensed painters will offer this job, but they are untrained, unlicensed, and inexperienced in rebedding and repointing your roof’s ridge capping. Roof painting entails cleaning and painting your roof, with damaged concrete tiles presumably replaced as well. Roof painting, also known as roof coating, is an excellent technique to give your roof a facelift and improve its appearance. The installation of a completely adherent, seamless fluid-applied roofing membrane to protect your property and deflect some of the sun’s rays are included with having your roof professionally painted. Getting your roof properly painted extends the life of your roof and improves the comfort of the residents. Roof painting/coating by a professional will endure considerably longer than regular paint. Depending on thickness, circumstances, and kind, it can increase the life of your roof by 10 years or more. The simplest method to know if your roof needs repainting is to contact a roofing professional and have them do a roof inspection for you.

7 Myths about Roof Restoration and Painting you shouldn’t Believe

Your roof is one of the most essential aspects of your home because it protects you and your family from harsh weather conditions and other external hazards. As a result, it’s critical that you take as much care of your roof as you do for the rest of your house. It’s simple to get roof-care advice online, and you could also get advice from friends on how to keep your roof in good repair. However, you must exercise caution since not everything you hear may be accurate. Here are some typical fallacies regarding roof maintenance that you should be aware of.

  1. Everything is covered by your guarantee.
    It’s all too tempting to believe that a roof’s guarantee covers everything. This is inaccurate since it all relies on the roofing company you hire and the preventative maintenance you perform. So, before you sign anything on the dotted line, make sure you read everything completely.
  2. Shingles that have been damaged can be replaced with fresh shingles.
    There are many various types of shingles, but each has pros and cons depending on the size of your roof and the area you live in. While asphalt is the most prevalent, other materials like slate and even metal roofing are available.
  3. Power washing your roof is always a smart idea.
    Contrary to popular belief, power washing your roof is quite damaging. It can cause significant water damage to the underlying plywood sheets, as well as cause your shingles to peel off. Water seeps through your ceilings and down your walls when those panels become saturated with water, producing structural problems as well as mildew. With these concerns in mind, stay away from the washer.
  4. My gutters are not connected to my roof in any way
    Always consider your gutters to be a continuation of your roof. Simply said, if your gutters are clogged, so is your roof and vice versa. You’ll soon be in need of repairs if you don’t ensure the structural integrity of both of these items.
  5. After you’ve found an issue, maintenance may begin
    Residents frequently believe that a brand-new roof does not require routine maintenance. Even the most high-end equipment, however, must be maintained to a particular standard, especially if you live in a harsh environment, to avoid long-term harm.
  6. You don’t have to entirely replace the roof; you may simply build another roof on top of it.
    When it comes to little damage, modest fixes are usually sufficient, but when it comes to major damage, a roof restoration is the best alternative. If you like, you may add asphalt shingles to your roof; however, replacing the complete roof? It’s not a viable option! This idea will be opposed by a number of contractors. Yes, it will save you money on labour, but in the long term, it will cost them more.
  7. Roofs that are modern can last a lifetime.
    Wouldn’t it be great if our roofs were unbreakable? That seems like a dream come true! Instead, this concept falls victim to the all-too-familiar “too good to be true” trap. Despite the fact that current roofs are more robust than ever, the average roof only lasts 30 years.

The Experts at JP Franklin Roofing can paint your roof professionally.

We assume you must have some notions regarding the roof restoration that is so significant today in your brain. The highly trained experts at JP Franklin Roofing are your trusted local roofing specialists, with over years of expertise in roof painting and roof repair work in Auckland. For your roof, we guarantee the use of high-quality materials and competent labour. Call our staff at 0800 456888 for a free estimate on having your roof painted or restored.

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