If you are planning to upgrade your roof this year then you must ask yourself a question, Which is the best season to upgrade your roof? We are here to answer this question. Summer is considered to be the best time to install a new roof. Roofs are the area of your house which need timely maintenance and repairing but up to a certain time. After some time your house roof needs to be replaced.

Since winter damage on your roof will be visible now and so this is detailed information on the benefits of getting your house a new roof during summers.

Due To More Stable Weather:

Due to more stable weather, it works as an opportunity for roofers. More efficient installation is to proceed. So basically due to more stable weather, there are fewer chances of delays. The winter or Rainy season can bring rain, snow or wind which can act as a barrier in work for contractors resulting in a slow down of progress on the project.

Longer Daylight Hours:

Since the days are long and nights are short. It is a benefit for the owner to get the work done in less time and in an efficient way. Longer daylight hours work as a benefit.

Fewer Moisture Levels

One can’t deny the fact that winter weather damages the roof. Roofing related problems due to piling up of snow, rainwater increases. As a result, Crack become more obvious. Precipitation is normally at the lowest point during summertime, which is suitable for replacing the old roof with a new roof.

Makes Roof Ready for Winter

Leaving the damage of last winter may worsen your roof. Leaving problems without any proper treatment may result in resulting of heat from home during winter and making the area hotter during summer. This will also increase electricity consumption. Eradicating your roofing problems during the summer will control some of your unnecessary electricity bills.

Enhance the Beauty of your Roof:

During summer visibility is more, as a result, your roof is easily visible to people. A bad roof leaves a bad impression.

Easier Installations:

During winter materials for roofing service may become brittle. So during summer easier installation of roofing takes place. Overall the project work moves more fastly than other seasons.

Keep Your Property Cooler:

Trying to keep your room temperature cooler is a tough task. Proper repairing or replacing of the old roof to the new roof keeps your room temperature cooler. Replacing your roof with a new one is a better option to keep your room temperature cooler during the extreme heat, during the summer season.

There are a few points which one should keep in mind while contacting a roof specialist:

  • Checking of availability of the dedicated team of fully licensed roofing specialists.
  • You should not neglect any roofing problem as a small ignorance can lead to heavy damage

If you think that your property needs a new roof then it is important to attend to it as early as possible to avoid further complications. For a roofing inspection, contact us today. We at JP FRANKLIN ROOFING, have a solid reputation and offer a guarantee in our work. Our team of fully licensed roofing professionals maximise the performance and life-span of your roof. We work with all types of roofs from Flat Colorsteel Roofing, Dimondeck 400, Flat Butynol/Rubber Roofs, Concrete Tile, Corrugated Iron Long Run, Asphalt Shingles, Timber Shingles, Colorsteel Roofing, Decramastic Roof Tiles, Asbestos Roofs, and any internal or external metal or PVC gutters. Give your house or business the roof it deserves with JP Franklin – Auckland Roofing Specialists.

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