A decramastic roof sheet is formed in the form of 5 tiles and is coated with a bitumen coating with a subtle stone whole enclosed in the coating. The Bitumen layer helps to make it resemble a concrete roof tile. They are lightweight, letting them easily leak and be particularly delicate to weather (primarily hail) and any foot traffic. This makes them leave with the holes, patchy and looks shabby and distressed. Basically, they are made of galvanised steel with a bitumen overlay and were acknowledged for being lightweight and easy to install.

The most cost-effective approach is to deal with a decramastic roof or the pressed metal tile when it’s beginning to look worn or is leaking or is dented. Often the old homes with the decramastic roofs can be the original corrugated with galvanised sheet metal roof but below it, so that would also want to be removed in construction for a new roof cladding. Re-Roofing can provide and fix any one of the various roof sheeting profiles available to renew the old roof. We can present you with professional advice on the best profile fitting for your roof and will also take into consideration any visual or custom considerations of the building construction for that information. Re-Roofing will accommodate and fit the new roof to the most prominent figure. We will make sure the entire roofing system is weatherproof and will be vermin resistant.

Do you know that the decramastic tile roof looks like the concrete tile roof but we are here to provide you with some signs that can help you easily detect if they are decramastic or not.

  1. The way sheets are bent into the valleys with the concrete roof tiles, the tiles have a cut and are usually having rough edges not a clean bent edge
  2. There may be some rust on the tiles as the concrete roof tiles don’t rust.
  3. There may be some heaps of small stone chips or some grill in the gutters.
  4. The surface of the decramastic tiles are normally bent as the concrete tiles never bend.
  5. The surface of the tiles have elements that look like a pebble or grit coating, concrete tiles are glazed and always smooth.

Our decramastic roof restoration consolidates a thorough inspection, cleaning, repair, and priming process. It is this arrangement, united with the expertise of the applicator and the quality of the materials that ensure the coating will survive the test of time. If you are in need of the best decramastic roofing service then we at JP Franklin Roofing Service provide you with the expert service.

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