Project Outline

After being advised by real estate agents that removing their asbestos roof and replacing it with a new, asbestos free roof, would increase the value and aesthetics of their home the home owners contacted JP Franklin Roofing to explore their options.

After some discussions around how they would like the look of the house to end up we decided that Asphalt Shingle would be the best roofing material to replace their asbestos roof with.

Project Steps –

  • Remove Asbestos Shingle Roof from main house and remove guttering
  • Make Repairs to batterns & cladding as needed
  • Install new Asphalt Shingle Roofing system including new substrate (15mm Treated plywood), #15 paper & GAF Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Materials Used –

Our Asbestos Removal Process

locations of asbestos

Step 1: Asbestos Testing & Surveying

The first step to any asbestos removal project should always be to complete an asbestos survey/report to make sure we know exactly what we are dealing with. Our technicians take samples of suspected asbestos areas to have them tested at an accredited labratory. 

Once the test is back we will go ahead and submit all the relevant documents to worksafe including SSSP, ARCPS & more!

locations of asbestos

Step 2: Site Establishment

When we are ready to get started onsite our Asbestos Removal Technicians will go in and set out our different zones (Safe Working Zones, Asbestos Contaminant Zones, Zones for Cleaning & Removal of Equipment used around asbestos. 

We will install our polyurethane “Drop sheets” under where we are working in order to cover and protect the equipment inside the building when we start work.

locations of asbestos

Step 3: Removal Of The Asbestos Roof

Once the site is set up our team will talk and make sure we are clear on how we are to proceed, then we will put on our PPE gear (Masks, Overalls, Boots etc) and start removing the asbestos sheets which usually get placed into a bin lined with thick polyurethane plastic, ready to be sealed and removed from site.

Once the asbestos is removed from site we will start the clean up using H class vacuums to remove any parts of asbestos that may be left on the rafters in order for us to obtain the clearance certificate!

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