Is Your Roof Due a Re-roof or Roof Replacement?.

If you know your roof is getting on a bit, you may be putting off getting it repaired or replaced until it’s at absolute breaking point. However, if you do this, you risk having to fork out even more money for roof repairs or replacement and risk it happening in the middle of winter – just when you need a strong weatherproof roof over your head and just when everyone else needs emergency roof work done as well. Now we’re coming into the milder, dryer, and quieter summer months, it’s the very best time to get your roof inspected, repaired, re-roofed, or fully replaced. From quicker and easier installation to lower costs, the summer is the best time to get professional advice and start planning your roofing work in order to be ready for next year’s winter weather.

If you’ve noticed leaks or damage to your roof over this winter, take action now so you don’t have the same issues next winter.

The team at JP Franklin can replace your roof all year round but we always recommend the summer months as the optimal time to carry out the work.

Here are 6 benefits of replacing your roof in the summer months:

1. Easier Roof Installation

Cold weather can have a negative effect on some roof construction materials, making them more brittle and harder to install. Liquid-applied products, such as waterproofing membranes on flat roofs, are also not advised to be used in temperatures below 5 degrees. With these considerations, the work could take longer and end up costing you more. It is much easier and more favourable to carry out a re-roof or roof replacement in milder and dryer weather conditions.

2. Quicker And Less Chance Of Delays

Sometimes during harsh winter weather conditions there can be delays in getting materials or in completing the installation itself. Auckland winter weather is unpredictable and notoriously wet – sometimes this can slow down the project considerably, resulting in further costs and again more headaches. While it’s still possible to get bad weather in summer, the chances are lower and it’s more likely you’ll be able to get your project moving forward quickly.

3. Less Demand

Winter is a very busy month for us roofing contractors in Auckland. With the harsh winter weather, people suddenly realise they have damaged roofs and leaky roofs and need to get them fixed urgently. Roofers are in high demand during this time for weather-related emergency roof issues. Spring is usually steady and autumn is busy as people rush to get their roofs fixed in time for winter. If you want to avoid the autumn and winter rush, contact our team for advice and start planning to get the work done during the summer season.

4. Moisture Levels Are Lower

During winter, the humidity in the air, as well as snow, ice, and rain, can make materials damp, and effect their use and effectiveness. Although our expert roofing team are highly trained to deal with these, it can cause more work and headaches. To prevent these avoidable issues, we advise replacing your roof in the dryer summer months.

5. Cheaper

Because there is less chance of delays or materials being damaged due to bad weather, it is more likely that the overall project costs will be lower. You may also find that, as it’s a quieter time for roofing contractors, you may be able to get a more cost-effective quote.

6. Enhances Roof Efficiency During Winter

If issues of a damaged roof are left untreated throughout winter, heat may escape and water may enter your property, leading to higher energy bills and possibly high costs to repair the interior of your home. If you get these roof issues seen to during the summer months, you can rest assured that your home will be weatherproof during the cold winter and that your bills will be lower.

Why Choose JP Franklin For Your Re-Roof or Roof Replacement

JP Franklin are a reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor in Auckland. We have a solid reputation and fully guarantee all our work. We are industry experts with a dedicated team of fully licensed specialists and we are committed to our customers; always listening and delivering according to your needs. We work to the highest standards, using quality materials and artistry and we don’t cut corners.

Contact our team of roofing specialists today for free advice and a quote on 0800 456888 or complete the form below.

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